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The Best Beaches

in Cardigan Bay


Sandy toes and sea dips

Located along the west coast of Wales, Cardigan Bay is renowned for its stunning beaches and picturesque coastline. The bay boasts a collection of sandy shores and hidden coves, providing visitors with a diverse and scenic coastal experience. The beaches in Cardigan Bay are known for their natural beauty, often backed by rolling hills and framed by rocky cliffs. The area is also famous for its rich marine life, including dolphins and seals, adding an extra layer of charm to the coastal scenery.

Whether you are seeking a peaceful retreat, water activities, or simply a stroll along the shoreline, Cardigan Bay’s beaches offer a delightful blend of nature, tranquillity, and seaside allure.

We have included local guides as part of your stay. On arrival simply scan the QR code on the notice board for more information. The local beach guide includes details such as those that are dog-friendly, and have toilets and parking.